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Vin Check | Acronyms

Some acronyms you may come across on this site and in the VIN reports.



A/C -- air conditioning / air compressor


Blockchain -- a list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography


Connected report™ -- an advanced information technology for data collection from connected vehicles

Cryptocurrency -- an internet-based medium of exchange (and an alternative way to pay for a VIN report)

CV -- carVertical, the producer of our VIN reports


DPF -- diesel particulate filter


ECU -- electronic control unit - usually the heart of modern cars

EGR -- exhaust gas recirculation

Eur -- European countries


ISO 3779 -- standardization for the VIN Code content and structure

ISO 3780 -- standardization for the VIN Code world manufacturer identifier (WMI) code structure


NHTSA -- National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NMVTIS -- National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

Nox -- nitrogen oxides - as produced from diesel and petrol engines


TDI -- turbocharged direct injection


VIN -- vehicle identification number

VAG -- Volkswagen Auto Group

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