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An Essential Vehicle History Check for Your Vehicle or one you wish to purchase

Vehicle History Report from the VIN Code

Use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to show vehicle data (Free) and the History report

Where to find the VIN code

Sample 17 character VIN code: WBA4Z3C56JEA32052

Skip the Data Report and go to the History Report via a UK Reg Number?

A History Check when Buying a Used Car

One should be aware of the fact that certain vehicles will have undisclosed issues that insurers may possess information about.

According to the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) in the United Kingdom, 1 in 3 cars may have undisclosed problems. Exercise caution before finalizing your purchase and we recommend taking the following 2 simple steps:

1. Thorough Inspection: Before committing to the purchase, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle. Pay attention to its overall condition, both visually and mechanically. Take someone with you for a second opinion.

2. Online Vehicle History Check: Ensure you've performed a 'Full Vehicle History Check' through an industry-approved online car check service, such as the one offered on this website.

By following these 2 simple - but established guidelines, you can make an informed choice when buying any used vehicle.

Selling a Used Car

Include the comprehensive Vehicle History Report with your car to help instill confidence in the prospective buyer, assuring them of the integrity of the sale.

The VIN lookup in 2 easy steps

1. Enter your car VIN in the search box above for a Free Vin vehicle data report.

2. Access the Full vehicle background check (additional) - read online and access the history report via the emailed link for future access.

Sample Reports

VIN Report | Vehicle History Report (PDF)

What's in the Full Vehicle-History Report

Report details will be dependent on vehicle type and country of manufacturer.

Where to find a vehicle's VIN code

For the majority of UK and EU vehicles, the VIN can be found here:

1. Either side of the front windscreen - bottom section.

2. Either side of the front doors internal fame.

3. Log book (UK: the V5C) - Chassis/Frame No. This will show the VIN number of the registered vehicle.

Note: '0' in any VIN code is always the number 0, not the letter.


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