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An Essential History Check for any Motorbike for one you own or wish to purchase

Motorbike Vin Check

Quickly uncover mileage fraud and past accidents, along with other important data for your motorcycle.

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Where to find the VIN

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an NMVTIS approved vehicle-data provider.

Motorbike Vin Check FAQ's

Information the motorcycle VIN Decoder and motorcycle History Check provides

These are the major data-points retrieved and are dependent on the motorcycle country of origin.

Q. Why a VIN number and not a Registration / Licence plate

The VIN or Chassis Number is a permanent identifier of any motorbike world-wide. A reg number can change (for example to private registration, plate cloning, etc) making the VIN the most accurate way to retrieve historical data held for any motorcycle.

Q. Which countries does this VIN Report service support?

All motorcycles registered in the UK, EU as well as the USA and Canada are covered.

Q. Where is the motorcycle VIN check info derived from?

Government registries, DVLA, DVSA, NHTSA, insurance companies, connected fleets and others.

Q. How far back does a motorbike history check report go?

Motorbike history check reports typically provide information about the vehicle's past for as long as it has been registered. However, the level of detail may vary, with some reports focusing on recent history and others providing a comprehensive overview of the bike's entire lifespan.

Q. Can I use a motorbike history check report to negotiate the price?

Yes, a motorbike history check report can be used as a bargaining tool during price negotiations. If the report reveals any issues or discrepancies, you can use this information to negotiate a lower price or request repairs before finalizing the purchase.

Q. Can I obtain a motorbike history check for free?

While some platforms may offer limited free motorbike history checks, they often provide basic information and may not include comprehensive details. It is advisable to opt for a paid motorbike history check to ensure you have access to all the necessary information.

Q. How long does it take to receive a motorcycle history check report?

Typically, motorbike history check reports are generated instantly upon providing the necessary information. However, some platforms may take a few minutes to process the report and deliver it to your email.

Q. Where to find the motorcycle VIN code

4 locations:

1. Registration Document

2. Steering Head

3. Side Frame Rail

4. Lower Engine Block (less common)

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