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Sample 17 character VIN code: WBA4Z3C56JEA32052

Basics: What is a VIN code?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, and it is a unique 17-digit code assigned to each individual vehicle. This code is also known as Chassis Number, Frame Number. The VIN code is used to identify and track vehicles and their history, including where and when they were manufactured, what features they have, and if they have been involved in any accidents or repairs. Each section of the VIN code contains information about the vehicle's manufacturer, model, year of production, engine type, and more.

What the Free VIN-Report is about

The UK & EU VIN Report will decode a vehicle's VIN to show details about the vehicle, as defined by the manufacturer. An algorithm derives partial details this way, in addition to data held by the NHTSA and from our own internal database of car specifications.

What the additional Vehicle-History-Check is about

The additional Vehicle History Report is an accumulation of data held for a vehicle from various commercial and Government sources. This report allows you to check the vehicle ownership history (among other data) of any used passenger car you may be interested in purchasing, or to see info about your current vehicle. The full report is produced by carVertical™ and implements a modern "Connected reporting" technology advantage to insure up-to-date data.

Is carVertical's 'Connected Report' different from other VIN report services?

Yes, carVertical is the originator of connected reports. This involves integrating multiple information databases with information coming straight from connected cars. This integration results in more accuracy and more up-to-date information. In addition, carVertical uses blockchain technology which makes it impossible to manipulate the data, as presented in the full History Report.

Which countries do you support?

All vehicles registered in the UK, EU as well as the USA and Canada are covered.

Why require a VIN number and not a Registration Plate?

The VIN or Chassis Number is a permanent identifier of any vehicle world-wide. A reg number can change (for example to private registration, swapped or cloned) making the VIN the most accurate way to retrieve data held on a vehicle. This is why forensic services use the VIN identifier rather than the Number Plate.

Where is the data derived from?

Our sources of information: Government registries, DVLA, DVSA, NHTSA, Insurance companies, Major car repair services, Connected vehicle fleets and others.

Is there a VIN & history report for motorcycles?

Yes, see the VIN lookup for motorcycles page.

How to obtain a PDF version of the VIN Report

Look for the "Print / PDF Summary" icon at the bottom of the VIN number check report (where available). This will initiate the printer function on your device. From there you can choose to print the page as a PDF document. This should work even if you have no printer attached.

No accident records are in the History Report - is this vehicle accident-free?

The accidents databases includes 70+ million records from multiple European countries. This fact increases the possibility that a vehicle is truly accident-free if no results are shown.

For how long is the History Report in my account?

The report will be available for printing out, or to download for future reference.

Refunds has no e-commerce facility, thus does not charge for any services provided directly by us.

carVertical has a regulatory refund policy. Please send an email to [email protected]. Please mention the VIN number, reasons for the refund and email address associated with your carVertical account.

Free car reports

Our VIN Code Decoder from the homepage will give you Free summary info about your vehicle in addition to a enhanced Used Car History Report. If you're in the UK, you can obtain additional details on MOT status and other data from the following UK Government websites:

Additional vehicle resources can be found at

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